Heartgard for Dogs

Protection to live

Heartgard Plus a chewable tablet taken monthly to prevent canine heartworm disease,

Heartgard Plus is safe for dogs and puppies 6 weeks of age and older..

Heartgard PLUS has been proven to be the drug of choice for prevention heartworms.

Heartgard protects dogs from heartworm
Heartgard Reviews...

"I have a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier who hates taking pills. I have suffered through sticking them down his throat, sneaking them to him in food (only to have him spit them out), and crushing them. At last, I can protect Mickey from heartworm year round with chewable preventative medication that he loves. He looks forward to is monthly Heartgard Plus chewable. And I am relieved that I don't have to struggle with him every month."

- Mallory Roxan

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Heartgard Plus for Dogs

Heartgard is an anthelminthic (dewormer) used for the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs and cats. Heartgard is also used for the control of hookworm in cats. Combined with pyrantel pamoate, (Heartgard Plus), it also protects against hookworm and roundworm in dogs.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog is a pampered pooch or is active and strong, every dog is at risk for getting heartworm disease, a potentially deadly condition.

Heartgard is given once a month year round for the prevention of heartwormHeartguard for dogs and cats disease. The usual dose of Heartgard in dogs up to 25 pounds is 68mcg, for 26-50 pounds is 136mcg and for 51-100 pounds is 272mcg. Dogs over 100 pounds are given a combination of tablets. The usual dose of Heartgard in cats 5 pounds or less is 55mcg and for cats 6-15 pounds is 165mcg. The chewable tablets should be chewed. They are not meant to be swallowed whole. For dogs that normally swallow treats whole, the tablet can be broken into pieces. As an alternate to year round dosing, this medication can be given during the mosquito season and for one month after the season ends.

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